Sloppy. That’s the best word to describe how my karate feels these days. I look down and I’m wearing a black belt, but it doesn’t feel like my performance is at a black belt level. If there was a “Sloppy” rank in our system, I’d probably have it! 

Seems like I can’t hold a good stance for long, don’t kick high enough or hard enough, and sometimes forget the kata or self-defense moves. Tonight was one of those nights. My kicks weren’t snappy, I mixed up moves in our mid-level kata, AND my timing just felt off. Awesome.

I know that’s to be expected with my extended absence and my rehab work, but it’s still frustrating. I’m afraid of falling into bad habits that I’ll have to replace or break later. I’ve lost some ground and I’m fighting to regain it, but it’s not very fun. My mind’s ready to be back at it on a black belt level, yet my body’s being a slow poke in coming to the same decision.

I know there’s only one way to fix Sloppy – work, work, work! Workouts take more mental concentration than they did before I broke my toe, since now I’m having to compensate for the injury. And I’m gasping for breath more often. 😉 I need to pay really close attention to my techniques, slowing them down when necessary so I don’t keep this Sloppy rank forever, or even worse – trade it for a Bad Habit rank.

I think the timing will come back. I’m pretty sure the stances and kicks will improve. And hopefully, not too long from now, I won’t check to see if I really am wearing a black belt!

3 thoughts on “Sloppy

  1. Hang in there, I think these feelings are also naturally cyclic as we mature in our martial art, our eye and ability to sense smaller and smaller details becomes better but we still perform the way we always have been until we learn the right way again. Eventually they synchronize together and we feel good again, at least until we mature further and start to notice new things to work on…

  2. Injuries can be a tough thing to come back from. Speaking from a couple of knee injuries, how quickly you get back to where you left off is all about attitude. If you won’t accept anything less than perfection from yourself, without being down on yourself for not being there yet, then you’ll be back in fighting form in no time!

    • I’ve definitely got attitude!! It’s a decision that has to be made – to work as hard as possible within the limits my body presents at the time. Day by day, I’m improving. I really appreciate your encouragement!

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