Surviving Yard Work

This afternoon I went out to mow the weeds that have overtaken my lawn, and my thought was, “Hope I don’t break a nail!” I was afraid of catching my nails on the mower or an overgrown tree limb while I was working. My manicure survived yard work! (I abhor yard work and avoid it whenever I can.)

That might sound silly, but if you’ve ever had an acrylic nail pop off unexpectedly, you know how much it hurts. For those of you who have never experienced it, consider yourself lucky. Or smart that you don’t indulge in fake nails. But trust me on this one  — I’ve had it happen a few times, and I can honestly say it hurts more to have a nail rip off than it did to break my nose or my toe! Well, just the big toe. The little toes really hurt when they get broken! 

But those breaks are a story for another time. Tonight, I’m just happy I made it through one really “fun” afternoon of mowing and yard work with my polish intact. See? It still looks great!

I know, I know…sometimes I’m such a girl.  🙂

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