No, No, No!

I made it through both black belt class and jujitsu this morning with no broken bones and no blood escaping my body. Whew!

I taped my big toe to the next toe, and even though it was a bit uncomfortable, it didn’t get caught in the mat when I turned in kata or during takedowns in jujitsu.


  • No broken toes.
  • No blood on the mats.
  • No ride to the ER with Ambulance Driver Andy.
  • No text to my kids saying “Look what mama did! Come get me.”
  • No calls to a friend requesting he bring my gym bag to the hospital.
  • No toe surgery.
  • No bugging someone to bring my car home for me.

This is one of those times when a bunch of Nos add up to a huge Yes. I’m back!!

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