Grandma Got Air!

Yesterday we were working on a new tonfa kata that has a couple of 360 turns in it. The black belts are also working on Gojushiho Ich in open hand, and that has a whirlybird in it too. I’ve never tried a whirlybird. This old grandma is overweight and old, and jumping while simultaneously spinning might not be the smartest thing!

Well, for some reason I wanted to try out the whirlybird in the tonfa kata. I launched myself high in the air (I’m sure I was at least 3″ off the ground!), tucked my arms in tight, and whipped around. With all the grace of Peggy Fleming (Michelle Kwan, for you youngsters), I landed on my left foot and shot my right foot back into a forward stance.


Well, it felt magnificent, even if it didn’t look that way. But I landed on my feet, and I was encouraged to try again. After a few spins I was tiring and decided I’d better quit while I was ahead. Or before I fell and broke a hip!Ā  šŸ˜‰

I ended class tired but happy, and quite proud of myself that I was able to brag that this grandma got air!

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