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Renshi (after 2 hours of jujitsu): Did everyone have fun? How could you not?? Throwing people and twisting them up like pretzels!

Me: Mmmm….Pretzels!

What can I say? Karate makes me hungry!

Weapons Test Tonight!

In 90 minutes I’ll test for my blue belt in weapons.

I was wondering if I’d have any test jitters but none have shown up so far! It’s weird to only have to know a few things for a test. Nice, but weird.

Hopefully I won’t drop my weapon! And hopefully I don’t forget my bo kata, but if I do, it won’t be the first time I forgot something at a test.  😉


My Love / Hate Relationship with Black Belt Class

I have a LOVE / Hate relationship with 8 am Black Belt Class.


LOVE: Black Belt Class

Hate: Getting up at 6 am to be there by 8. Ugh.


LOVE:  Being the dumbest (aka lowest rank) in class.

Hate: Being the dumbest in class.


LOVE: Learning new and different concepts.

Hate: Being so slow to pick up on new things because I’m not awake yet.


LOVE: Getting my workout done before noon.

Hate: Trying to get my protesting, crunchy body to move before it’s ready.


LOVE: Having Hanshi tweak my techniques.

LOVE: Working out with the advanced belts.

LOVE: Seeing friends at the hombu.


The LOVE far outweighs the Hate. Guess I’ll set my alarm and go back once in awhile.  ;-D

21 vs. 51

Breakfast #1: breakfast sandwich, banana, Gatorade.

Breakfast #2: scrambled eggs, green tea, 2 Aleve.

Guess which breakfast was mine??

Not hard, is it? The 21 year old was going to work, and the 51 year old was going to a 2 hour jujitsu class. The 51 year old will be having more Aleve with her dinner.  =D


Happy New Year!

The holidays are over and I’m glad. Not because I ate too much holiday sweetness (I was surprisingly good), but because I’m ready to get back to normal routines.

Even though our karate club didn’t meet, classes were still on at the hombu. The opportunity was there but I only went to one class, partly because I was lazy and partly because I think I needed a break.

Tomorrow we’re back at it at the office; class officially resumes. Yea! The break was good for me and I’m feeling refreshed. I’m ready to learn again. I’m especially looking forward to weapons. I haven’t thrown my bo around for too long, and I’ve got new tonfa to play with!

In addition, this weekend we’re starting a new, more concentrated, jujitsu program at the hombu. Sessions will be longer than normal classes and I think we’ll learn a lot. It’ll be fun to work out on mats (we have a hard floor at work) and I’m looking forward to working with the students from the hombu. I haven’t spent nearly as much time there as I used to, and I’m sure everyone misses me.  ;-D

I’m looking forward to what 2013 brings and I hope you are too! I hope you have things to look forward to in 2013 – whether it’s new classes, new ideas, or new friends to work out with.

Cheers to a new year filled with great martial arts experiences!