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I’d rather be sparring??

I was mowing earlier and after about 45 minutes of trudging through the too-tall grass and sweating I thought to myself, “I’d rather go to sparring than mow!”

Wait – What?

Did I really think that? That’s crazy. I don’t like sparring! Even weirder than the thought itself – did I mean it?

Do I like sparring more than I realized? Or maybe I like mowing less than I thought?

Huh. A couple hours later I’m still shaking my head at the thought!

I’m Tired! ;-)

It was Kata night and we did a LOT of kata! Kata’s a great cardio workout, isn’t it? It uses EVERY part of your body!

First we did kata in Kenpo, with little rest between each. Tired!

And then in Weapons class we did more kata, this time with the bo. (I love the bo!) Again…tired!

Suck it up, Cupcake headband

I would have posted my tiredness to my Facebook page but I could just hear Alex, who is barely older than my youngest child, saying, “Suck it up, Cupcake!” (He says that to me a lot, and I usually reply with, “Bite me.”) So instead I’ll post it here, on my blog that I doubt he reads. I’m tired.  🙂

After class I asked Alex if he wanted to take the elevator up. I couldn’t shame myself and ride up while he walked! I knew I still had a 30 minute dog walk to do when I got home and was feeling a tad bit lazy. But of course he wanted to walk, as part of his workout. Darn his youth!!

When we got upstairs I told Kyoshi that Alex wanted to take the elevator but I said we should walk instead. Hee hee!

Kyoshi’s reply: Are you sure you don’t have that turned around?

I know, I know. Suck it up, Cupcake!

Mountain Climbers

My cardio jumping-around exercises today included mountain climbers. When The Pretty One heard I had done some of those he commented, “One of these days we’ll get you to do those on the wall!”

On the wall?? Me??

“How crossfit-y,” I said.

I know nothing’s impossible, but geez. Me doing mountain climbers on the wall? Standing on my hands? Maybe. If I can, I guarantee it’ll take a whole LOT of work! But if he can get his lovely, out-of-shape mother to do those, he’ll definitely be a Miracle Trainer!