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Not missing those push-ups!

My Very Personal Trainer (aka my son) declared 10 days of rest to heal my shoulder/trap aggravation. I wanted to wait for Thanksgiving week since we don’t have regular classes, but he said it needed to happen sooner. “You have to rest to heal, Mom. Just like weights. You have to rest.”

Well, I didn’t want to lose 10 days of training on top of Thanksgiving week, so my concession was to give up push-ups and be careful with upper body movements, especially quick ones.

Usually if you tell me I can’t do something, I want to do it. Gotta love that reverse psychology, right? But I’m on Day 5 of 10 “rest” days and I admit I’m not missing those push-ups! I hate them, probably because I suck at them. I don’t remember them being a problem when I was younger and in great shape, so maybe it’s partly an “old & out-of-shape” thing. I’ll do crunches all day long, but push-ups are torture!

Surprisingly, though, what I AM missing is burpees – or blurpees, as I call them. I kinda like those! Weird, right? I do blurpees that include a push-up at the bottom and a jump at the end, so those are out for a few more days. I’ve found some creative blurpee variations online and they’re fun! I don’t even mind the push-ups in a blurpee. But regular push-ups, one after another after another? YUK!

What’s the difference? I have no idea! I do know, though, that I’ll appreciate those blurpees even more when I am get back to them — with permission, of course! 😉