I’m Strawberry Shortcake!

Strawberry Shortcake 2

I packed my gi last Wednesday night but didn’t make it to class until today. I was sick Thursday and my lesson Sunday got derailed by the weather. Anyhoo, I didn’t really pay attention to what I packed – it’s just a gi and it’ll be sweaty within the hour, right? – so my clothes were a bit of a surprise when I opened my gym bag. I’d packed my pink gi top and white pants – my fave!

I normally feel like a princess in my pink gi 😉 but when I looked in the mirror I thought, “I look like a strawberry sundae.” “No, Strawberry Shortcake!”

You know that cute little cartoon character from the ’80s? My daughter used to watch the cartoon and had the dolls. You could sometimes find a strawberry-scented doll, and if you were really lucky you might find her friends and have a fruity-smelling collection.

That crazy strawberry theme popped in and out of my head throughout class tonight. Weird. Does that mean if I wear all black to the next class I’ll feel like black licorice? Again, weird.

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