Hello, it’s me!

At the age of 46, I took up karate. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Kyoshi said he expected me to stay no longer than a month. Neither of us knew how much I’d grow to love the art. Four years later, at the age of 50, I earned my black belt in Okinawan Kenpo Karate! I’m proud and excited, and I’m on the journey to Nidan rank. I’m also learning weapons and have returned to jujitsu. One day I hope to earn my black belt in those as well.

I wanted to know what other women martial artists were experiencing so I hunted and hunted for a good blog written by women in martial arts. I found very little, and most of it was related to MMA, but since I’ve been writing this I’ve “met” several other female martial arts bloggers! I’m more interested in the traditional arts, so here we are. I know I’m female, I know the blog is pink, and I know I’ll talk about nail polish on occasion (I can’t talk about that on my food blog, now can I?), but don’t let that scare you off. I’m not a girly-girl, and I promise this won’t be a girly-girl blog!

Karate is one of my two time-consuming passions. I also bake and cook, and I write a food blog called Munchie’s Mind. After 15 years in food service, I’m now on my second career as an RFP writer for a software company. The work is full of stressful deadlines, but practicing martial arts has become my stress-relief!

I train at the office with our karate club, on the dodgeball court in the basement. I love being able to walk downstairs to kick and punch the stress away! And I’m very excited to be testing for Nidan with my coworker! You can find more of my thoughts, brilliance from my cohorts, belt requirements, upcoming events and other things on our club’s blog, Colahan’s Martial Arts.

Now for the Pink Gis & Painted Nails explanation…

I used to hate pink. HATE pink. But a few years ago a friend / neighbor / son’s teacher was diagnosed with breast cancer and pink began to infiltrate our home, thanks to The Pretty One’s support for this special lady and the cause. At one point our home office was painted pink, and I finally learned to love pink.

I didn’t know there were pink gis until I saw a picture of Kyra Gracie in hers. My first thought? Oh, my — I need one of those!! Kyoshi only allowed black or white gis on the mat, but I dreamt of a pink gi. Well, the day has finally come! Kyoshi agreed that he could put up with the pink, and now I have a pink gi top, which I dyed myself! It complements an inordinate amount of pink workout gear, as well as this pink blog, with a pink banner.

I’m a barefoot girl — both on the mat and wherever else I can get away with it. I think most weather is flip-flop weather, despite the fact that I live in Kansas City. Exposed toes cry out for pedicures and fun polish colors! I’m not sure which came first — the nail polish fetish or the karate obsession — but I do know that one of the most dangerous places to put me is in front of a huge display of nail polish. I could spend days staring in awe at the choices! I know I can’t take them all home, but narrowing down my options can be torture. When it came time for my Shodan test, I had a fresh coat of pink polish put on my nails, complete with blinged out flowers, and I had some of the best looking nails on the mat! Good thing I had those done when I did, since I broke my big toe the following week and had to look at the same polish for weeks!

Thanks for taking a look at Pink Gis & Painted Nails. I hope you find posts relevant to your experiences. I’d love to hear what you think of the things you see here, or what you’d like to see posts about. And if you visit any of my other blogs, I’d like to know what you think of those as well!



12 thoughts on “Hello, it’s me!

  1. Hi im a bloke in the UK and dont even know if i should be on this site. Nice to see a fellow oldie taking up the sport later in life. I have done martial arts of various types most of my life but never stuck at any one style. I gained my first Dan in shotokan in 2011 aged 50 along with my 13 year old daughter after having a triple heart bypass 10 years previous. Well done you for getting involved. I look forward to seeing your progression via your blogs. Keep up the good work. Osu

  2. Hi Steve. You are certainly welcome on this site – it’s not just for people who own too much pink. 😉 Congratulations to you for earning your Shodan ranking! It’s especially impressive considering your heart surgery. So good to hear from someone my age. I welcome your comments any time! Osu

    • Hi Kristin! I was always such a tomboy and hated pink, so it’s funny to me that I have this nail polish obsession and a silly amount of pink things. Thanks for the well wishes and for stopping by!

  3. You keep going, it’s great to see people of your age come in to karate, it’s not just for the young it’s for everyone. I understand your Sensei, sometimes we wrongly judge who will stick at it and who will fall away, but I’m glad you did stick with it.
    Keep it up & good luck with your Nidan training.

  4. Glad to have found your blog! I’m a 50 year old woman, 4th degree black belt in Tang Soo Do, karate instructor, trail runner, and biker. I absolutely love your “suck it up cupcake” headband. That’s what I tell the kids in class when they whine! And they all know the answer to “what do I say when you whine?”. Looking forward to more wisdom from those wise enough to stick with the discipline even when we are not young and high flying any more 😉

    • It’s nice to meet you! I love that headband, too. It’s from BondiBand, and it’s fantastic! Mine is a Heavy Sweat Wicking band. Stays in place, and is really absorbent. You might like them.

      I don’t run into many women my age who have kept up with martial arts, so it’s great to hear from you. I’m jealous of your running – my back can’t take the impact anymore so I’ve become a walker. We’ll have to exchange stories!

    • Thank you for the lovely compliment! Of course you may stay. 🙂

      I am looking forward to reading your blog, but think I should wait until I’m not at work. Otherwise I will get caught up in reading and I won’t get a thing done. I wouldn’t mind so much, but there would be some unhappy people chasing after me! 😉

      Thank you for stopping by and for the kind compliment!

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