July & August – The brutal months!

Whew! July has been brutal! Chocolate Peanut Butter Overload!I’m not talking about the 100+ degrees and lack of rain, either. I’m talking about calories. And August promises to be equally brutal!

Our karate club has celebrated 3 birthdays in the last week. In August we’ll celebrate 3 birthdays within 5 days. Birthdays = Treats. Treats = Calories. Calories = Circuits? Maybe!

Tonight we did circuits after doing a lot of basics up and down the floor and then kicks on the bags. Good thing, too, because we were celebrating two birthdays – mine and John’s. And because great minds think alike (not to mention the “bakers” didn’t coordinate treats), Susana and I both made variations of chocolate peanut butter cupcakes. And since there were two kinds of cupcakes, we had to try them both, right? Oh, don’t worry – we powered through, just like the disciplined martial artists we are. It was Chocolate Peanut Butter Overload, but we did it!!

Our karate club isn’t going to stop celebrating birthdays, and I doubt anyone’s ever going to request hummus & veggies for their Banzai Birthday Treats. So my apologies to those who don’t care for circuits, but bring ’em on! For me, Circuits Before Treats = Less Guilt!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Overload!!

Happy Birthday to us! Notice my crooked “Suck it up Cupcake” headband? 🙂


All Aboard the Ninja Bus!

I’m getting excited! Tomorrow morning we’re loading up Renshi’s Ninja Bus and heading to Texas for the 3rd Annual ABBA Black Belt Retreat.

I’ve never been to this retreat, so I’m really looking forward to it. Master Instructors for the weekend include: Hanshi Dan Kennedy (the head of my system, the USKK), Hanshi Roger Greene, Hanshi Ken Baker, Hanshi Ron Rogers, and Hanshi Ray Montoya. Some of these 9th & 10th degree black belts will be sitting on the board at my black belt test next month, so it’ll be good for me to have more exposure to them. Hanshi Montoya is sponsoring the clinic at his dojo, Montoya’s Shorin Kempo Karate.  

Not only am I excited about the instructors and clinic sessions, but the trip should be a blast! What’s so fun about spending 12 hours — each way — trapped in a vehicle with Renshi and Captain Random? Once the energy drinks are guzzled, you never know what the topic of conversation will be!

Captain Random and I know that if we can get Renshi to laugh really, REALLY hard, he’ll laugh so hard he cries, and then he’ll have to pull the car over until he can see again.

How did we figure that out? We got him laughing so hard in Colorado Springs a couple of years ago that he had to pull over on the mountain road on the way to the Royal Gorge. Since there isn’t a shoulder to pull off on, that meant when we pulled to the side and stopped, all traffic following us had to stop, too. And that was only one of the times he had to stop driving that weekend!

I’m expecting a great weekend of both laughter and tears, along with some great instruction.

All aboard the Ninja Bus!